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The Master series is Böckmann's elegant polyester class. Created for horses up to either 1.75m/17 hands at the withers (Comfort or Master Models), or up to 1.85m/18hands (Big Master or Grand Master models), the Master series are unequaled in the features they offer horse and rider. Smooth lines, a rounded chassis and generous stall sizes allow more storage room for tack and horses.

Customize your Master series model to match your barn colours or your tow vehicle. Select from the standard range of melattilc and non-metallic colours or request RAL colours, at a surcharge. Choose a single colour for the whole trailer, or mix and match, adding polyester fenders or side brace covers for a different look.

The superstructure of the Master, Big Master and Grand Master is constructed with full Polyester walls (no wood) - an advanced material seen also in the racing yacht industry, aeronautics and motor vehicles. Light in total weight, but strong and durable - an excellent choice for a horse trailer. Providing an insulating factor, the polyester exterior reflects the sun keeping the stalls cooler in summer. Equipped with the Knott overrun braking system and galvanized steel side braces and chassis, Böckmann provides safety and stability for your horse.

Your choice of models for horses up to 1.75m/17hh or 1.85m/18hh, with a variety of tack storage, depending on the model, Böckmann has you covered.

Click on the tabs above to learn more about the standard features and each model.


Chassis, Body, Interior

The Comfort is built on a wedge-shaped hot-dipped galvanized steel chassis with independent torsion Comfortable Suspension System (CFF-Plus), an aluminum floor and an automatic jockey wheel mounted on an integrated lockable 2” coupler. The Comfort model continues to be produced with Polyester walls reinforced with a plywood core as of 2021.

The Master (21) (formerly the Big Master WCF), Big Master(21) (formerly the Big Master L WCF) and Grand Master Models are all built on a rounded hot-dipped galvanized steel chassis, with the World Class Suspension System (WCF-Plus), an aluminum floor and an automatic jockey wheel mounted on an integrated lockable 2” coupler.


Full Polyester side walls create the super structure in the Böckmann standard colour selections of your choice. Choose the colour of the body and roof - match them for all one look, or consider one colour for the body and a different one for the roof.

Comfort Models: A redesign in 2023 now includes a taller entrance door, taller tack locker, and a longer body with more space for the handler between the chest bar and the tack locker. Single plastic fenders, two pop-out tinted windows with grilles, rear ramp entry (standard) and a new roof design are standard features. This model continues with the PRP wall material, known from the racing yacht industry.

Master Models: A redesign in 2021 brought a sleek new look to the "Big Master" of old! A slightly higher side wall offers a taller person door. An innovative saddle cupboard design removes the "snack spots" of old with a flatter surface for use when tacking up on a trailer. This design also increases the storage space in the tack space below! Built on the elite WCF chassis, the Master

Optional upgrades include the addition of polyester fenders and side braces for a surcharge. Choose all polyester items (roof, body, optional fenders and/or side brace covers)to be one colour. Or, have some fun and with coordinating colours, plus a wall decor by Jan Künster! Two pop-out tinted windows with grille, are a standard feature.

Big Master 21 Models A redesign also brings a sleek new look to the "Big Master L" of old! A longer version of its regular size cousin - the Master 21 - the Big Master 21 offers a higher GVWR plus more space for you to work with your horse inside the trailer. A slightly higher side wall offers a taller person door. The Same innovative saddle cupboard is installed here as well, increasing the already generous storage space in the tack space below!

Grand Master Models: Polyester fenders and side brace covers give this trailer some glam. The eye-catching black background to the 2 sliding windows on each trailer wall are standard features, plus the black rear storm canvas to complete the look. Offering the Portax Trailer stall divider system is an added bonus that sets this trailer apart from all the rest- beauty and the ultimate functionality in one design!Choose all polyester items (roof, body, fenders and side brace covers)to be one colour, or have some fun and choose coordinating colours! Apply one of Jan Künster's exclusive decor to complete the look.

All trailers for North America come with a mounted full spare wheel. Wheel chocks stored under the chassis for convenience.


The inner stall is bright white in colour. The loading ramp is covered with rubber integrated safety treads and side stops - preventing slipping in inclement weather. The Multi-Safe stall bar system allows you to adjust height of the stall bars with 2 positions and the length of the stall with 3 positions. Additionally, in an emergency, the chest bars can be released from outside the trailer. The chest bars have additional foam black bar padding.

The transparent PVC partition of the Comfort, Master & Big Master models, is mounted on tubular galvanized steel. Easily swiveled left or right to accommodate a more open stall space for loading. The Grand Master models offer the same stall system found in the Portax series - a central post with 2 freely swinging panels, allowing you to widen a stall space for loading or tacking your horse.

Interior lighting in the stall area has both the white and new blue lighting options. Blue lighting has been found to provide a more calming atmosphere for the more anxious horse. Black lateral kick plates and side padding complete the inside stall walls.

The rubber flooring is glued to the aluminum floor beneath and sealed to the walls - so no urine and water can attack the floor.

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  • Comfortable Suspension Chassis System
  • World Class Suspension System

Sporty entry trailer to the Master series, the Comfort is the high end trailer for the 1.75m/17hh horse. Two 31' wide stalls and internal height of 7'6", the Comfort can accommodate horses wearing 81" blankets or less. This model has a superstructure of reinforced polyester walls with plywood core, as seen in the racing yacht industry. A taller wall in the 2023 re-design makes access even easier through a taller entrance door. Rated for a GVWR of 2400kg/5291lbs, it has a 211Lbs max loaded tongue weight - easily towed by most mid-size SUVS.

The chassis is built on the wedged shape Comfortable Suspension Chassis (CFF-Plus) with an aluminum floor. Offering a larger tack locker with 2 telescopic saddle racks for English saddles, bridle hooks, whip holder, a drying rack and shelf, broom, shovel, mirror and net on door. Wider saddle racks more suitable to Western saddles are an easy addition.

Step up conversion and attached folding mounting step are options!


The new Master is an elite trailer for the horse 1.75m/17hh. Now built with a taller side wall, the Master 21 offers a taller entrance door on the passenger side of the trailer. The horse stalls are 33" wide with an internal stall height of 7'7". Rated for a GVWR of 2400kg/5291lbs, it has a 211Lbs max loaded tongue weight - easily towed by most mid-size SUVS.

Built on a large,rounded galvanized steel chassis frame with the WCF-Plus coil spring suspension, it holds all the deluxe standard features: aluminum floor under the rubber matting, stall wall side padding, chest bars covered in black foam, portable feeding buckets and an additional mat for wear protection against pawing or horses with corks.

Due to its extra width across the front of the trailer, the Master 21 offers a new larger tack locker, accessible from both inside and outside of the trailer. Two shelves, telescopic saddle racks, many hooks, broom, shovel, mirror and storage net, plus a large floor space to store all your show equipment.

Attach a folding mounting step or external tie bar as an option!

Big Master

The Big Master is a longer version of its new Master cousin. The North American model offers both an extra foot of space between the stall bars and tack storage cupboard, a taller tack locker and increased weight capability of GVWR 2700kg/5952lbs. Offering two 33"wide stalls, the Big Master accommodates the 1.85m/18hh horse wearing up to an 84" blanket. Longer stall divider systems are possible- ask your Dealer.

With many of the same standard features of the Master, the Big Master offers a wider stall and more space ahead of the chest bar to work with your horses or throw a couple of bales of hay. A great choice for towing with a larger SUV (Loaded Tongue weight is 238lbs)

Grand Master SKA

At the top end of the Master series are the Grand Master models!

The Grand Master elevates the Master series with a little more swagger. Striking with its standard black inset around the double sliding lateral windows on each wall of the trailer, polyester fenders and side brace covers, alloy wheels, air vent in the roof and central swiveling stall panels, the Grand Master sets itself apart.

The Grand Master SKA is a trailer offering 2700kg/5952lbs GVWR. Two 33" wide stalls, internal height of 7'7" and extra length in front of the chest bars for hay or a small box.

The SKA model offers a generous tack storage - Two shelves, 2 saddle racks (English or Western), many hooks, whip holder, broom, shovel, mirror and storage net, plus a large floor space to store all your show equipment.

Grand Master SR

The other Grand Master model is Grand Master SR!

Offering all the features of the Grand Master SKA- the SR differs in the Tack storage design.

A full height cupboard that is accessible via a full height door from the horse stall side and via a smaller door from the road side. The saddle chest offers 2 saddle racks (English), 2 large upper shelves (accessible from the horse stall), 2 smaller shelves on the front wall that can hold bottles, multiple hooks, broom shovel, mirror and net on lower door.

Use the space ahead of the Curb side horse for changing or taking a couple of bales of hay. Easily towed with a mid-large SUV.

Measurement Data
Type GVWR Height Width Length Interior Height Interior Width Interior Length Head Space Payload Loaded Tongue Weight
Big Master (21) 5952 lbs 8’ 12” 7’ 7” 17’ 3” 7’ 7” 5’ 9” 12’ 10” 76” 3397 lbs 223 lbs
2700 kg 2740 mm 2310 mm 5260 mm 2300 mm 1750 mm 3900 mm 1920 mm 1541 kg 101 kg
Comfort 5291 lbs 9’ 1” 7’ 3” 14’ 9” 7’ 7” 5’ 5” 10’ 12” 48” 3135 lbs 198 lbs
2400 kg 2760 mm 2200 mm 4500 mm 2300 mm 1650 mm 3350 mm 1225 mm 1422 kg 90 kg
Grand Master 5952 lbs 9’ 3” 7’ 8” 17’ 3” 7’ 7” 5’ 9” 12’ 10” 48” 3397 lbs 223 lbs
2700 kg 2820 mm 2340 mm 5260 mm 2300 mm 1750 mm 3900 mm 1225 mm 1541 kg 101 kg
Master (21) 5291 lbs 9’ 1” 7’ 4” 15’ 5” 7’ 9” 5’ 5” 11’ 8” 65” 2998 lbs 198 lbs
2400 kg 2775 mm 2245 mm 4710 mm 2350 mm 1650 mm 3560 mm 1640 mm 1360 kg 90 kg
Standard Features

All Böckmann Horse Trailers for North America include:

• Adjustable chest/rear stall bars for stall length and bar height
• All wheel mechanical overrun braking system
• All-wheel CFF-Plus shocks on Comfort; WCF Coil Spring Suspension on Master 21, Big Master 21 and Grand Master)
• Automatic jockey wheel
• Black kick plates
• Black plastic fenders (Comfort models, Master 21, Big Master 21)
• Polyester Fenders and side brace covers (Grand Master)
• Clear PVC on tubular steel stall divider (Comfort/Master 21/Big Master 21)
• Central pole with free swinging stall panels (Grand Master Models)
• Galvanized steel chassis
• Hay net hooks
• Interior lighting- blue and white
• Multi-Safe System: External Quick Release system for Emergencies on all stall bars
• Ramps covered with Böckmann's safety treads & side stops
• Rubber stall mat glued and sealed to floor & walls
• Spare wheel & cover

Trailers are rear ramp-loads, unless otherwise specified.

Saddle Chest Kits include: broom, shovel, net, & mirror on door.