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Master Series

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Master Model 

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Big Master 

Big Master 

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The Master series is Böckmann's beautiful FRP class. Created for horses up to either 1.75m/17 hands at the withers, or up to 1.85m/18hands, the Master models are unequalled in the features they offer horse and rider. Smooth lines, a rounded chassis and generous stall sizes allow more storage room for your tack and for your horse.

Choose from the Böckmann standard selection of RAL colours of matte red or white; or metallic colours of red, navy, blue, green, black, silver and brown, to customize your Master series model to match your barn colours or your tow vehicle. Other RAL colours are possible at a surcharge. Trailers can be ordered in mono-colour or bi-colour, with the roof in one colour and the body a different colour.

The superstructure is constructed of FRP walls- Fibreglass Reinforced with Plywood - the same material used to build racing yachts. Light in total weight, but strong and durable - an excellent choice for a horse trailer. Providing an insulating factor, the fibreglass exterior reflects the sun keeping the stalls cooler in summer. Equipped with the European mechanical braking system or partially hydraulic system, galvanized steel side braces and chassis, Böckmann provides safety and stability for your horse.

Your choice of models for horses up to 1.75m/17 hands or 1.85m/18hands, with or without full trailer-width tack storage.

Click on the tabs above to learn more about the standard features and each model.


Chassis, Body, Interior

The Comfort is built on a wedge -shaped hot-dipped galvanized steel chassis with independent torsion Comfortable Suspension System (CFF-Plus), a laminate floor and an automatic jockey wheel mounted on an integrated lockable 2” coupler.

The Master is built on a rounded hot-dipped galvanized steel chassis, with the World Class Suspension System (WCF-Plus), an anodized aluminum floor and an automatic jockey wheel mounted on an integrated lockable 2” coupler.


FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced with Plywood) panel side walls; 1500 mm high; in the Böckmann standard RAL colour selection of your choice. Choose the colour of the body and roof - match them for all one look, or consider one colour for the body and Silver for the roof. Single plastic fenders, two pop-out tinted windows, decoration stripes on the side wall, with a decor by Jan Künster, completes the look. All trailers for North America come with a mounted full spare wheel.


The inner stall offers a bright white colour. The loading ramp is covered with rubber integrated safety treads and side stops - preventing slipping in inclement weather. The Multi-Safe stall bar system allows you to adjust height of the stall bars and the length of the stall. In an emergency the chest bars can be released from outside the trailer. The chest bars have additional foam black bar padding. The transparent PVC partition is mounted on tubular galvanized steel, and is easily swiveled left or right to accommodate a more open stall space for loading. Interior lighting is found in the stall area. Black lateral kick plates and side padding complete the inside stall walls.

The rubber flooring is glued and sealed to the laminate floor beneath - so no urine and water can attack the floor. The laminate floor has a protective, robust PVC under coating to keep out water and salt.

The rubber flooring is glued and sealed to the anodized aluminum floor beneath - so no urine and water can attack the floor. The anodization of the aluminum protects against road salts and water.

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  • Comfortable Suspension Chassis System
  • World Class Suspension System

Sporty entry trailer to the FRP series, the Comfort is the high end trailer for the 1.75m/17hand horse. The chassis is built on the wedged shape Comfortable Suspension Chassis (CFF-Plus) with a laminate floor. Offering a saddle chest with 2 telescopic saddle racks for English saddles, bridle hooks, a drying rack and shelf, broom, shovel, mirror and net on door.

Step up conversion and attached folding mounting step is an option!

Master WCF

A stylish trailer in the FRP series, the Master is the largest trailer for the 175m/17hand horse. Built on the rounded WCF-Plus Chassis, it offers more width in the head space area for the horses, all the luxury of the large Master series - the floor is anodized aluminum, the externals side walls are padded, as are the chest bars, and an additional rubber mat for wear protection against corks or pawing.

Step up conversion is not an option on the WCF chassis.

Attached folding mounting step is an option!

Big Master WCF

The most popular trailer in the FRP Series, the Big Master WCF is the elite trailer for the horse 1.82m/18 hds. Built on the largest rounded galvanized steel chassis frame with the WCF-Plus suspension, it holds all the deluxe standard features: anodized floor under the rubber matting, stall wall side padding, chest bars covered in black foam, portable feeding buckets and an additional mat for wear protection against pawing or horses with corks. Due it its extra width across the front of the trailer, the Big Master WCF offers the largest saddle storage in this series. Two shelves, telescopic saddle racks, many hooks, broom, shovel, mirror and storage net, plus a large floor space to store all your show equipment.

Step up conversion is not an option on the WCF chassis.

Attached folding mounting step is an option!

Measurement Data

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Type GVWR Height Width Length Interior Height Interior Width Interior Length Head Space Payload Loaded Tongue Weight
Big Master 5280 lbs 8’ 11” 7’ 8” 16’ 3” 7’ 7” 5’ 9” 11’ 10” 63” 3065 lbs 211 lbs
2400 kg 2730 mm 2340 mm 4950 mm 2300 mm 1750 mm 3600 mm 1600 mm 1393 kg 96 kg
Comfort 5280 lbs 8’ 11” 7’ 3” 14’ 9” 7’ 7” 5’ 5” 10’ 8” 48” 3302 lbs 211 lbs
2400 kg 2730 mm 2200 mm 4500 mm 2300 mm 1650 mm 3240 mm 1225 mm 1501 kg 96 kg
Master 5280 lbs 9’ 1” 7’ 4” 14’ 10” 7’ 9” 5’ 5” 10’ 8” 63” 3214 lbs 211 lbs
2400 kg 2770 mm 2240 mm 4515 mm 2350 mm 1650 mm 3260 mm 1600 mm 1461 kg 96 kg
Mega Master 5940 lbs 9’ 2” 7’ 8” 19’ 6” 7’ 7” 5’ 9” 15’ 1” 48” 2827 lbs 238 lbs
2700 kg 2800 mm 2340 mm 5950 mm 2300 mm 1750 mm 4600 mm 1225 mm 1285 kg 108 kg
Standard Features

All Böckmann Horse Trailers for North America include:

• Adjustable chest/butt bars
• All wheel mechanical brakes
• All-wheel CFF-Plus shocks (except where WCF is indicated)
• Automatic jockey wheel
• Black kick plates
• Black plastic fenders
• Clear PVC on tubular steel stall divider
• Galvanized steel chassis
• Hay net hooks
• Independent torsion suspension
• Interior lighting
• Multi-Safe System: adjustable bars for stall length and bar height
• Ramps covered with Böckmann's safety treads & side stops
• Rubber stall mat glued and sealed to floor
• Spare wheel & cover

Trailers are rear ramp-loads, unless otherwise specified.

Saddle Chest Kits include: broom, shovel, net, & mirror on door.