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Böckmann North America has had a business relationship with the manufacturer of exceptional horse trailer products, Böckmann Fahrzeugwerke GmbH, Lastrup, Germany, since 2007.

The manufacturer saw a nice fit between their quality line of products for horse and rider and the changing North American trailering environment. Already serving the needs of the equestrian in 32 countries, Böckmann Fahrzeugwerke GmbH was pleased to add Böckmann North America to the Export Division. The inception of the North American Distributorship brings high quality workmanship, attention to detail and style, and thorough knowledge of the needs of the trailered horse to North America.

Böckmann North America is the distributor for North America, meeting the needs of horse trailer dealerships in both Canada and the USA.

The aerodynamic designs and engineering allow these horse trailers to be towed by vehicles other than trucks. Today's fuel-efficient economy has contributed to making Böckmann horse trailers one of the most popular brands in North America.

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    SUV Towing Duo Model